» 13 - 20 September 2014
Antwerp, Belgium

» 9 - 13 September 2014
Host Town Program

september 13, 2014 15:00:00


Special Olympics 2014 zal op 27 april goed vertegenwoordigd zijn op de Antwerpse 10 Miles. We zullen er onder andere vlaggetjes en stickers verkopen, maar daarvoor hebben we nog enkele helpende handen nodig.
When you register online for the DVV Antwerp Marathon, the 10 Miles, the Ladies, Short or Kids Run, the following question is asked on page 4: "If you would like to support the association 'Special Olympics', please indicate ‘yes’ below." ... Don't hesitate ... Say 'YES' to SO2014!
Everything you always wanted to know about the 2014 Special Olympics European Summer Games ... Find out the key facts & figures.
All current and future sponsors of the 2014 Special Olympics European Summer Games were invited to the official Sponsor Summit in the Antwerp KBC Tower, on Friday 31st January.
It’s been almost three months now since the first regional Host Town meetings took place. The SO2014 team is eager to know what plans the towns made in the meantime. Will the delegations stay with local families or in a local guesthouse? Will the towns organize a DJ-party? A BBQ? ... We are all very excited to find out the answers to these and lots of other questions ...
Guido Kestens, Executive Chairman of the 2014 Special Olympics European Summer Games, wishes you all a very special 2014. May it be a golden year!

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