Sponsor An Athlete

Sponsor An Athlete

‘A great performance deserves a great audience’, that is the baseline all our athletes agree upon. They try their very best to shine during the Games. Ask them about the definition of a top-class athlete, and the answer you’ll get is: “an athlete with their own sponsor”. For them, it’s the pinnacle of fame in sports. The recognition of their talent and hard work. Attention, recognition and acceptance are of the utmost importance to the athletes of Special Olympics, not only in the world of sports but in society as well.

This is why we developed the ‘Sponsor An Athlete’-package. For €750 (ex VAT) you can sponsor 1 athlete. This amount covers all your athlete’s expenses during their stay in the Olympic Village: clean sheets, towers, plats, glasses, toilet paper, tissues,… That is the material description of our ‘Sponsor An Athlete’-package. Much more heartwarming is the underlying message that every SME and self-employed person can, for a relatively small amount, fulfil the dream of an athlete. That they can say, thanks to this gesture: “look, I have my own sponsor!”.



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