Dear fan

Dear fan

Welcome to the official website of the 2014 Special Olympics European/Eurasian Summer Games.

The Special Olympics Games are a celebration of the talents of athletes with intellectual disabilities. We, at Special Olympics 2014 (SO2014), call them the ‘Games of the Heart’. We invite communities to join our world of inclusion and mutual respect, without bias or prejudice.

As an appetizer, I suggest you watch the video message of Tim Shriver, Special Olympics Chairman and CEO. His message was one of the highlights at the official launch ceremony of the SO2014 Summer Games. We were deeply moved, inspired and tremendously motivated by Tim Shriver’s exciting words. And now we are ready. Ready to organize the greatest Games in the history of Europe and in the history of Special Olympics.

In September 2014 more than 2,000 athletes from 58 countries will come to Antwerp, Belgium and enjoy 13 days full of joy and friendship. The athletes will compete in 11 sports and be invited to join 5 supporting programs. We aim for up to 40,000 spectators and around 4,000 volunteers to guarantee a smooth organization. A beautiful challenge that we gladly accept.

This website is a platform for engagement, a meeting point for Special Olympics fans across the globe. Please do not hesitate to participate and be part of this unique opportunity. No gesture is too small. Start spreading the word and awaken the curiosity of everyone you know.

Together with you, we will organize awesome games! But also, we want to raise awareness about the abilities of people with intellectual disabilities and create a strong legacy for Special Olympics. These are our goals. And we will go for them. With all our hearts.

Guido Kestens
Executive Chairman Special Olympics European Summer Games 2014 vzw

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