Scientific Congress

Title: In Search of Innovative Collaboration for Better Integration Program Design: The program has been jointly designed by Antwerp Management School and HEC Management School - University of Liège.
Date: 15 September 2014
Location: Antwerp, Belgium
Target Group: Participants who can relate to the inclusion in a personal or professional manner – the management community, the community surrounding athletes, non- and for profit organizations, academics as well as non-academics.

Description: Antwerp Management School and HEC Management School, the Management School of the University of Liège, are working together on the scientific symposium, traditionally part of the overall Special Olympics program. An estimated 300 participants from more than 20 different countries will attend the symposium.

In addition, 58 delegations from Europe-Eurasia, 2000 athletes, 1000 coaches, 4000 volunteers, 300 officials, 300 medical coaches, 2500 family members and up to 40,000 spectators will gather in Antwerp for 12 days of joy and friendship.

The objective of this symposium “In Search of Innovative Collaboration for Better Integration” is to investigate how companies can better integrate people with intellectual disabilities and to explore the various possibilities of inclusion and the benefits for society as a whole.

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