Youth Activation Summit


The European Youth Activation Summit is a unique event for young people with and without intellectual disabilities between 14 and 17 years old organized within the 2014 Special Olympics European Summer Games.
15 delegations, each including an athlete, a partner without intellectual disabilities and a chaperone (at least 21 years old), will participate in this summit. 10 delegations will represent countries from Europe and Eurasia and 5 delegations will represent Belgium.
The main goal of the summit is to conduct a ‘Dignity Revolution’ that creates the social acceptance of young people with intellectual disabilities by mainstream society through sports, friendship and unified-led advocacy.


  • Interactive sessions: around the theme ‘Integration in sport clubs’. During these sessions recommendations on integration of athletes with intellectual disabilities in sport clubs in an interactive way, will be established.
  • Evening activities: e.g. a cultural evening where participants can introduce their country.
  • Visit Brussels and European Parliament: participants will head towards the European Parliament, and present to the members of the European Parliament the recommendations they made earlier that week.


  • 12/09 - 17/09


  • Ramada Plaza
    Desguinlei 94, 2018 Antwerp

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