De Vlaamse overheid

De Vlaamse overheid

Flanders wants to give all athletes the opportunity to achieve their personal sports ambitions. We want as many people as possible to catch sports fever and never lose it. Everyone must be able to participate in sports at his or her own level, as often as possible, in a healthy way and under the best conditions. This is the same for people with a disability. Flanders is helping to develop the new G-sport Flanders support centre and supports various G-sport events such as the Paralympic Games and the Deaflympics, etc.

Major events with an international presence are living advertisements for sports. Moreover, they provide Flanders with the opportunity to present itself to the rest of the world. The Government of Flanders therefore also fully supports the Special Olympics European Summer Games, which are being organised in Antwerp this year.

A major international sporting event such as the Special Olympics European Summer Games is about much more than just sports. It is the perfect social, overall event that also touches on culture, tourism, science, well-being and health, and so much more. That is why all the Flemish ministers are joining forces - within their specific areas - to provide the Special Olympics with every opportunity. Minister Muyters and Minister Vandeurzen tell us why they support the Special Olympics ESG 2014.

Minister Muyters: “The positive energy among the Special Olympic athletes is infectious. I am certain that they can convince many non-athletes to participate in sports. Sport is an emotion too, and I really see this among these athletes. They don’t let themselves be daunted by what might seem insurmountable to others and they compete with total enthusiasm.”

Minister Vandeurzen: “Via the 2020 Perspective Plan, we are working on an inclusive society in which disabled persons can fully participate. That feeling is strengthened when you work as a group or a team towards the same goal, such as the Special Olympics. Participating in sports together and being a member of an association gives you a feeling of ‘belonging’ and increases your quality of life.”

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