Torch Run 12 sep

Torch Run 12 sep

A day before the great opening of the Special Olympics the Flame of Hopes has arrived in Courtray. A lot of people were present to cheer the athletes. There were also a lot of children and they took care of the atmosphere with flags. There was also music and a band of drums took care of it.

"Thousands of  persons cheer for the Torch run and the enthusiasm of the children is adorable. The delegation of Iceland was speechless about the size and the atmosphere of the event.

At 15h the Flame arrived in Alost where mayor Christoph D’haese and Council member of Sports Ilse Uyttersprot welcomed the athletes. The delegation of Luxembourg was present, along with many citizens of Alost.
Then the Torch run continued in Sint-Niklaas, where the Dutch delegation ran along. The orchestra took care of the atmosphere and there even was a polonaise with the Flame.
Finally, the Flame arrived in Beveren where three clarion players cheered the athletes on. The Finnish delegation was there.

“Every city has her own method to make a very good atmosphere. The Torch run is a big success in whole Belgium.” Enjoy the video and pictures of the first day of the Torchrun.



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